At Wendy Kane & Associates, we believe
in working the way we live – in a principled,
straightforward, and creative fashion.

To give you a better sense of our culture, here are some of the things we believe …


We’re only as good as our last event … and because we believe that, we never rest on our laurels or apply yesterday’s solutions.

Relationships matter … and what matters most in relationships is trust and accountability.

Consensus is important at various stages and we will do our utmost to achieve it by listening.

It can always be better … no matter how “perfect” an event seems, there is always room for improvement … our job is to find and deliver it.

Clients are partners in our business … we treat our clients as we do our colleagues and friends – with respect.

Proposals aren’t just words on paper … they are a commitment to perform.

It’s worth it … sweating the smallest details create great experiences.


Strategic Planning

We often start with a blank sheet of paper. By working with our clients we pull together great ideas and then bring them to life through a disciplined strategic planning process. The outcome is an action plan that is plotted down to the finest detail by a broadly-experienced team.

Organizational Planning

A well-conceived strategy will only succeed with rigorous organizational planning. We specialize in creating detailed organizational plans. Using our years of experience, we are able to accurately forecast the resource needs, identify all of the activities necessary to implement the strategic plan and formulate detailed critical paths to ensure flawless execution.

Event Development

Great events require great ideas and thorough plans. But plans and ideas mean nothing if they aren’t implemented effectively. That’s why we specialize in developing all aspects of events, including negotiating sponsorship and broadcasting opportunities, obtaining appropriate licensing, security and insurance, and the myriad of little details that enable our client’s success and, ultimately, ours as well.

Corporate Sponsorship Packaging

There are many different ways to leverage value from an event. From experience, we not only know how to spot sponsorship opportunities for you but how to package them for maximum value using our marketing, promotion and sales skills.

Sponsor Relations

Sponsors have their own objectives and special needs. We are experts in developing mutually beneficial relationships among sponsors and organizers. The basis for a good working relationship is a clear, unambiguous sponsorship agreement followed by regular communications and transparent reporting.

Event Staging & Production

The benefit of a relationship with us is that we not only create and plan events, we produce and stage them. This eliminates risk and ensures your vision becomes reality exactly as we originally envisioned and budgeted. Our production services have been honed by managing dozens of international, national and local events for some of Canada’s premier organizations. From advertising to venue negotiations, we manage it all.

Television Production

Every large sporting event is a potential TV property. Our expertise and years of experience working collaboratively with all of North America’s largest broadcasters means clients can rely on us to negotiate the best terms and exposure for your event – and see it through to high-quality on-air production and media relations.

Reporting & Financial Management

Running a sporting event or brand promotion involves significant capital allocations. Through a proven approach, we protect our client’s investment and provide regular updates to ensure budgets are respected and financial information is presented in a timely and transparent way. Our experience includes pre and post event budgetary analysis.